Pool Rules

 Please remove shoes before entering natatorium. 

  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Wear appropriate attire (Bathing suits) when in the pool.  Street clothes are not acceptable.
  • Diving is allowed only in depths greater than 5 feet.  There will be no diving in the shallow end.
  • Breath-holding is not permitted.
  • No back dives or flips from the side.
  • Allow the lifeguards to do their job.  Do not splash the lifeguards or play with rescue equipment.
  • Respect the authority of the lifeguards and the YMCA staff.  They are here to maintain a safe and clean environment for members and guests.
  • Food of any kind is not allowed in the natatorium.  Water bottles are permitted; however, they must be disposed of properly.
  • If you have had diarrhea within the past 72 hours, please do not use our pool or facilities.  Please think of the safety and health of our other patrons.
  • All non-toilet trained persons must be in swim diapers.
  • The pool may be closed at any time without warning due to water quality or weather conditions.


Diving Area Rules

 One person on the board at a time.

  • One bounce on the board.
  • Look before you dive.
  • All divers must go straight off the board.
  • Do not hang on the board, ladders, or rope.
  • Swim to the closest ladder after diving.
  • No back dives or sailor dives.
  • No handstands, seat drops, cutaways, or cartwheels
  • You must pass the deep end swimming test to use the board or swim in the deep end.

Swim Test/Wrist Band Policy

At the Shelby YMCA, the safety of our members and guests is our main concern.  We have implemented aquatic safety procedures to help keep your child safe while enjoying our pool.

 Please read the following information regarding Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), which are Coast Guard approved life vests and swim test procedures.

 Children 12 and under must be swim tested and will be required to wear appropriate color swim band to be in the Shelby YMCA pool.

  • Green Wrist Band: swimmers who receive the Green Wrist Band may have access to all areas of the pool and diving board.
  • Yellow Wrist Band: swimmers who receive the Yellow Wrist Band may swim in the shallow end only.
  • Red Wrist Band: swimmers who receive the Red Wrist Band must be within arm’s reach of adult at all times and may not swim in the deep end.
  • Children 6 years and under must be accompanied by an adult (responsible person 16 years or older) in the water and be within arm’s reach of the adult.
  • Children ages 7-9 may be in the pool (providing they pass the green or yellow swim band test) unaccompanied, but must be accompanied at all times by an adult on the pool deck.
  • Children 10 and up may be in the pool (providing they pass the green or yellow swim band test) and the facility unaccompanied.
  • Parents/children who refuse to take the swim test will not be permitted to swim in the Shelby YMCA pool.
  • Instructional Flotation Devices (IFDs), such as noodles will not be used in place of PFDs.
  • Personal inflatable devices, such as bubbles, arm floaties and rafts, are not permitted in the pool.



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