Membership Rates

Rate categories at the Shelby YMCA are design to accommodate individuals, couples, and families in a variety of circumstances.  Members are required to present membership cards upon arrival.


Membership Categories

Monthly Bank
Draft Rate

Annual Rate

Youth: Available to any person
under the age of 18.


Tax: $1.23
Total $18.23*


Tax: $14.79
Total $218.79

College: Any person registered at a college or university with a  minimum of 12 credit hours. Valid college ID must be presented.


Tax: $1.70
Total $25.20


Tax: $20.44

Adult: Any person over the age of 18 no longer enrolled in high school.


Tax: $2.38


Tax: $28.60

Total $423.04

2-Person: An adult couple under the age of 60.


Tax: $2.96
Total $43.75**


Tax: $35.49
Total $524.97

Household: An adult couple and their children through the age of 24 that share the same residence.


Tax: $3.55
Total $52.46**


Tax: $42.55
Total $629.47

Single Parent Family: Single parents and children claimed on their income taxes.


Tax: $2.96
Total $43.75**


Tax: $35.49
Total $524.97

Senior Adult: Any person age 60 or older.


Tax: $2.05
Total $30.36**


Tax: $24.63
Total $364.35

Senior 2-Person: An adult couple both over 60 years of age.


Tax: $2.66
Total $39.38


Tax: $31.95
Total $472.59

Adult Health Facility: This amenity is available to men who are above the age of 18. This fee is added to the membership and includes an adult-only locker room, sauna, steam room and personal lockers.


Tax: $1.43
Total $21.18


Tax: $17.18
Total $254.18



























* Indicates additional processing fee of $25 required.

** Indicates additional fee of $50 required.


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